Our Medical Clinic in Los Angeles is specializing in Hepatitis C Trials with drugs in development from
Gilead Sciences, Abbvie and Merck.

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About our New Hepatitis C Drug Trials in Los Angeles

We offer Hepatitis C clinical trials for all genotypes, including less common diagnoses:


1. HCV Genotype 1, Genotype 2, Genotype 3, Genotype 4, Genotype 5, Genotype 6
2. Patients who had or will have liver transplant

3. Patients co-infected with HIV and Hepatitis

4. Patients that have failed the newest therapies available

5. Patients with cirrhosis.


We are conducting Hepatitis C and Hepatitis C-HIV co-infection drug trials with the following drug companies:


  • Gilead Sciences
  • Abbvie
  • Merck


Currently Ruane Medical is conducting clinical trials* on new anti-viral compounds targeting Hepatitis C. We have numerous trials running simultaneously that target different genotypes of the Hepatitis C virus


Entry into these studies can depend on the specific viral genotype of Hepatitis C and the health of the liver, so if a clinical trial is not currently available for your disease state, one could become available in a few months.  


We now also offer clinical trials to patients with cirrhosis.


Most clinical trials can admit at least 30 or more patients, but can reach capacity in a short time period.  Most trials usually last for 2-6 months, but the trial time period depends on the specific protocol for the study compound. 


If you would like more information concerning a clinical trial for therapy of Hepatitis C, contact our research institute at 323 - 954 - 0400 or fill out the message form here.



*Clinical trials are research studies that test how new medicines work in people. Each study answers scientific questions and hopes to find better ways to screen for, diagnose, and treat a disease. People who take part in clinical trials have an opportunity to receive new and up-to-date therapy and care from experts. Each clinical trial has a specific plan and rules for who can participate.  

Commonly asked questions:

Am I getting a placebo or am I getting real medication?


In all our interferon free hepatitis c studies, patients receive active medications.

What are my chances of being cured in your hepatitis c trials?


We cannot guarantee that you will be cured but we can tell you that in some recent studies, we conducted here, we managed to cure 80-90% of patients. In other trials, it has been about ~ 50%-60%, but this is better than the older regimens with interferon and the trial regimens were much easier to take than interferon.


In general, we are doing trials that seek to improve over existing options and it is our hope that with these new hepatitis c drugs coming we will be able to cure everybody in a few years.


Whether your hepatitis c is cured with one drug or another combination can depend on your genotype, your liver and the types and combinations of drugs you receive.


The trials are being designed to create the best combination for everybody.

Trials we are offering for Hepatitis C





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