Our Medical Clinic in Los Angeles is specializing in Hepatitis C Trials with drugs in development from
Gilead Sciences, Abbvie and Merck.

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Hepatitis C Treatment in Los Angeles with the Most Advanced Hepatitis C Medications - Harvoni Update

We are happy to inform you that on October 10th 2014 the FDA has approved the most groundbreaking and simple Hepatitis C treatment regimen to date. The new pill is a combination of Sovaldi (Sofobuvir) and Ledipasvir and has been given the name HARVONI.

HARVONI is the first complete treatment for Hepatitis C that requires taking a daily pill only and is proven to cure more than 90% of patients with Hepatitis C Genotype 1a or 1b*.

* 70% of people with Hepatitis C in the United States have either Genotype 1a or 1b. Harvoni is only approved for Genotype 1a or 1b. For shorter simpler regimens in development for Genotype 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, please see our research department.


This daily, single pill, complete regimen does not need interferon or ribavirin, so you no longer have to endure their harsh side effects.

We are happy that we are now able to prescribe HARVONI to you if
you have insurance that covers it.

(We can help you figure out if your insurance covers HARVONI.)

At Ruane Medical we can:

  • Schedule you to see a Hepatitis C specialist right away.
  • Obtain a full medical history and perform a focused but thorough physical examination.
  • Diagnose the status of your liver (fibrosis/cirrhosis evaluation). This often includes conducting a painless FibroScan examination. No liver biopsy is necessary.
  • Based on the condition of your liver, HCV viral load and other key factors, we will recommend the best treatment course for you (8, 12 or 24 weeks)
  • Assemble and present to your insurance company all relevant information about your case and why you need treatment now.
  • Work with your insurance benefits and other resources such as, Hepatitis C support paths, and other foundations to make your approved treatment affordable. Most monthly medication copays for our patients are less than $30.
  • Help you with a course of action in the unlikely event that you are not cured with Harvoni (less than 5% of all cases). We are able to do this as our medical office is linked to an active Hepatitis research office where we have gathered substantial experience in handling these types of situations.

If you have medical insurance, please call our private medical office at 323.954.1072 and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Peter Ruane.

We accept most PPO, Medicare and Medi-Medi insurance policies.

Plans accepted at our practice include: AARP, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Beech Street, Blue Shield, Cigna, Coventry, Directors Guild, First Health, Health Net, Humana, Medicare, Multiplan, New York Life, Screen Actors Guild, Tricare, Unicare, United Healthcare, Writers Guild

If you prefer you can easily contact us by filling out the form below:



Harvoni bottle


If you have no insurance or your insurance does not cover HARVONI,
please take a look at our FAQs about our clinical trials for all genotypes of Hepatitis C.