Our Medical Clinic in Los Angeles is specializing in Hepatitis C Trials with drugs in development from
Gilead Sciences, Abbvie and Merck.

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Painless Fibroscan instead of Liver Biopsy


Ruane Medical is the first clinic in Los Angeles to use the FibroScan®502 Touch. The FibroScan®502 Touch is an FDA approved device to study the liver directly for any signs of scarring (cirrhosis) without having to use a needle.


The Fibroscan can measure the texture of the liver by using "shear wave" vibration to the liver through a blunt button applied to the chest wall. There are no needles involved. No pain.


Results from the FibroScan ® 502 Touch device are accepted by the FDA in clinical trials in place of liver biopsy (organ puncture with a needle).


Fibroscan of the liver is not the same as ultrasound of the liver. Ruane Medical welcomes the FibroScan®502 Touch device as a genuine advance in the care of patients with Hepatitis C.






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